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Butterfly Connections
Supplier of Butterflies, Moths, Livestock, Deadstock, Butterfly Tours, Educational Material.

Nigel South
35 Elmore Avenue
PO13 9EP

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Butterfly Connections
Supplier of Butterflies, Moths, Livestock, Deadstock, Butterfly Tours, Educational Material.

Butterfly Gardening

Peacock Butterfly
Peacock Butterfly on Buddleia

British butterfly numbers are declining all the time and many species are now endangered. This is due in the main to the destruction of butterfly habitat and a shortage of food plants. For this reason alone, the conservation of butterflies has become crucial in the UK. How can we help? Simply by creating a garden containing some of the food plants and flowers that butterflies feed on. Furthermore, choosing the right nectar plants would allow you to enjoy a garden which is “butterfly-friendly” and will attract these beautiful creatures into your home. It does not matter how large or how small your garden is, if you plant the right type of plants, butterflies will visit your garden over and over again.

Butterfly Food Plants

The first thing that we can do to help our butterflies is to identify their food plants that grow wild in Britain, and avoid pulling them up. Some common butterfly food plants are:

NettlesdotRed CloverdotHolly BushesdotDandelionsdotThistle

dot Nettles dot
dot Holly dot

dot Red Clover dot
Clouded Yellow Butterfly Caterpillar on Red Clover
Clouded Yellow Butterfly Caterpillar
Small Skipper Butterfly on Red Clover
Small Skipper Butterfly

dot Dandelion dot

dot Thistle dot
Brimstone Butterfly
Brimstone Butterfly
Green-veined White Butterfly on Dandelion
Green-veined White Butterfly

Butterfly Garden Design

We at Butterfly Connections can design a butterfly garden for you. Your butterfly garden will include valuable nectar plants, such as:

BuddleiadotMichaelmas DaisydotAubrietiadotScabious PlantsdotRed Valerian

dot Scabious dot
dot Michaelmas Daisy dot
Michaelmas Daisy

dot Buddleia dot

Red Admiral Butterfly on Buddleia
Red Admiral Butterfly
Small Tortoiseshell Butterfly on Buddleia
Small Tortoiseshell Butterfly

Garden Hedge

When planning to put up a hedge in your garden, why not choose the Privet hedge? Many butterflies and moths will come to feed from the Privet flowers that appear in the summer, and small birds will often nest in an established privet hedge.

dot Privet dot

Privet Hedge
Privet Hedge

Privet flower
Privet Flower

Privet Hawk-moth
Privet Hawk-moth

Privet Hawk-moth Caterpillar
Privet Hawk-moth Caterpillar


Please contact us for further information about how to create your own

“butterfly-friendly” garden! 


Nigel South
35 Elmore Avenue, Lee-on-the-Solent, Hampshire, PO13 9EP, England

Mobile: +44 (0)7787 983176

Landline:+44 (0)2392 553322